This Javanese Tip Effective Changing Your Life! Avoid Online Gambling

The development of the era is a challenge for humans to continue to live life positively. Living a positive life helps someone to make more sense of life and benefit others. Thus the world will be more peaceful so that it becomes a comfortable place to live.

Negative influences of the times include the easier access to bad behavior such as gambling. Online gambling is very lively with various types of games. Online gambling is detrimental and only brings misery to the culprit.

Javanese advice that makes life better

The negative effects of the development of the era such as online gambling is detrimental if not addressed will bring a worse effect. Javanese advice can be a solution to make life more meaningful. Java advice has many values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be applied in life and are still relevant to life today.

1. Tumrap wong is pretty lan doormat iku prejudice wisa

It has the meaning of laziness and poverty as a poison. The meaning of a lazy person is not far from poverty that will bring misery. Humans who do not want to try and just want it will destroy themselves as doers online gambling detrimental.

2. Rame ing gawe, lonely ing strings attached, memayu hayuning buwana

It means working diligently, sincerely helping selflessly, preserving the beauty of the earth by controlling lust. The advice contains a message for humans to always do things seriously, sincerely and not to damage what has been given by God. In addition there are also teachings to beautify the beauty that is on earth by maintaining peace.

3. Pangucap iku can be the path of hatred, pugucap iku ugo can be in starch, pity the fortune teller

Having the meaning of words can be a trigger for goodness, words can also be a path to misery and death. This advice is very relevant to the current situation, where many people are affected by the words themselves. Therefore humans should maintain their verbal wherever and whenever good to older people and even younger.

4. Mulat saliro tansah eling lan alert

Humans must always be introspective, self-aware and alert. Such advice has meaning, humans must always introspect themselves by being aware of their own conditions and always being careful in applying. By always being introspective, of course you can avoid the disadvantage of online gambling that brings havoc and makes life wiser.

5. Alons of Waton

Javanese advice above means be careful as long as you are safe. In achieving goals, sometimes patience, patience and caution are needed. Application of this saying can be a reminder that humans are not rash in achieving goals. Thus, someone can enjoy the process so that if the results have been achieved it will be more meaningful.

Thus Javanese advice that can make life more meaningful. Applying Javanese advice in life can change lives and bad habits such as online gambling disadvantage which if continued will bring misery.

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