Without Playing Online Gambling Can Be Rich As Chinese People, Here's The Principle!

Chinese people who live in Indonesia usually have Chinese ethnicity. They are synonymous with success in business and work. It's hard to find people of Chinese descent who live in poverty. No kidding, even the richest man in Indonesia was taken by the Hartono family who had Chinese blood. Not only in business. These ethnic achievements also exist in the fields of sports to academics. Many children of Chinese descent succeed in making the name of Indonesia even international. Of course many bad things they managed to avoid. For example by obeying the words of their parents who advised not to play online gambling and other types of gambling.

The principle of success that ordinary Chinese people apply

Indeed the tribe does not determine one's success. But it's good to learn from some Chinese principles. Here are the principles of the Chinese people that you can apply

1. The choice of success is just working hard and always being diligent

The first principle commonly applied by the Chinese is "if we want to be more successful than others, we have no choice but to work harder and be diligent". It teaches that we must be firm to ourselves that the choice to succeed is only hard work and always being diligent. So that also confirms to yourself not to play online gambling and everything else that has a negative impact. It's a loss if you only spend time on useless things.

2. Limiting yourself of one's own desires

The next principle is "eat porridge before success and eat rice after success" which means to not obey all desires. When we have not achieved success, we must limit our desires even if they are painful. Different if you choose a shortcut by playing online slot type gambling. Because gambling only looks sweet on the outside but it turns off slowly. So, don't take shortcuts and don't play online gambling.

3. Success is inherited

No less wise, the principle of "think for three descendants" teaches not to think about yourself. More than that, when pursuing success, you need to think about your children and grandchildren. So you can't be satisfied if you only achieve success for yourself. Of course this principle can be seen from the success of the Chinese for generations. In addition, this advice also ensures that to be successful, extra strength is needed. It is unfortunate if you spend your energy with such useless things don't play online gambling.

4. Those who have not arrived do not expect, the past do not be regretted

Failure of course still approached anyone, including the Chinese. But according to the principle "do not worry about expectations that have not yet arrived, do not needlessly regret what is past", we are taught not to worry about some things that have not been achieved. Keep trying and enthusiasm and give thanks for the current achievements. Then don't also drag on the past. Life goes on. Don't spend time just regretting the past.

The principle of Chinese life does sound heavy. But this is just a matter of habit. Then make it a habit to be strict with yourself and spend the time you have to reach your goals.

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